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#FrankWillLive – Auto Repair

William Moran of Munro Law Office, PLLC here. I have an update in regards to my previous blog relating to my auto accident….

So when my vehicle was totaled, his name is Frank by the way and will be referred to as such in this blog and any other blog if I am referring to that particular vehicle. (I have another vehicle now due to the totaling of Frank, the replacement’s name is Burt and Burt is a Chevy Blazer Mid-Size, Four-Wheel, 4.3L w a Sun Roof-LOVE IT BTW)

Now moving on…. My betrothed and I are expecting so, the original plan to turn Frank into a toy is abandoned because now it is necessary to make Frank a practical vehicle again and let Burt be used by the fiancée. Full disclosure, I was a mechanic long before I was a legal assistant. Damage summary on Frank, 2016 Chrysler 300 hit Frank on his passenger side, the front right quarter panel is “whoomphed” in, the bumper as well. Structurally the lower front axle mount connecting to the lower right trailing arm is destroyed and a new axle is now needed, HOWEVER, I lucked out and the sub-frame mount for the trailing arm is A-OK!

For a new axle I went to the local U-Pick-It and for under $300 (and a lot of hard work) was able to procure a front axle off of a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Now Frank is an 89 Jeep Cherokee, but the mounting hardware and such is all identical.

I will post more in relation to what the expenses are and how the process is coming. The hope for this blog is to reach out to anyone who may be interested in picking up a DIY project car/truck, no matter what the case may be, and to inspire said individual to take the plunge so to speak and tackle that project you’ve been contemplating. No matter what your skill or knowledge level is, no job is “un-doable”.

Frank’s bad axle

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