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Ok folks first parts update…

New upper and lower radius arms = $ 239.00

New Steering and suspension component kit = $ 168.00

Includes:         Pitman/Idler arms, Draglink/inner/outer Tie Rods, Upper/Lower Ball Joints, Steering Stabilizer

Ball Joint Press kit = $ 100.00

Idler/Pitman Arm Puller = $ 40.00

I Ebay almost all parts, and tools are purchased at Harbor Freight. The time and effort is where the real savings come into play. On average I would say labor rates will hover around $90-100 hr. at a shop. This adds up quick. The work is doable to any skill level provided you do your homework on questionable functions and always ALWAYS do your homework. Resources are available (mostly online) to assist and guide you through any process just about. So attention all do-it-yourselfers…. Go do it to it.

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